Betting On College Fantasy Basketball - Where + How To Win Money

There are other ways to profit off college basketball than through filling out the best bracket. While that can certainly lead to making money, other opportunities to win cash on college basketball like fantasy betting can be done. Not only does fantasy betting on college basketball cover game action throughout the entire season, but it covers all Division I action. That's more than 300 teams playing a 30+ game schedule each year!

College basketball, perhaps more than any other sport that has a fantasy system, gives those with knowlege about the game and matchups the biggest advantage. This leads directly into another important topic.

Is It legal To Bet Money On College Basketball Fantasy Games?

When it comes to college basketball betting, the first thing that many think of is the NCAA Tournament. And while the chances are that you've filled out a bracket or two in your day and thrown money into an office pool, that is different from fantasy college basketball betting sites. We are talking about websites that allow real money to be laid down on players that fantasy owners comprise themselves. This is 100 percent legal in the United States, different from that of betting on a college basketball game.

College basketball is one of the most bet-on sports in the U.S., mostly because of March Madness and the tournament. But fantasy betting sites actually operate in the United States legally, which is different from online sportsbooks that are based offshore in order for legal betting to take place.

Who Is Allowed To Use College Basketball Fantasy Websites That Take Money?

Most U.S. residents 18 years of age or older will be able to enjoy all of the features that college basketball fantasy leagues have to offer. There are some exceptions as far as what states can play at some of these websites though. We'll go ahead and list these states so that you'll know right off the bat which ones cannot create accounts (Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, and Arizona). The reason for this has to do with local laws, so if you live in those states you can do research to find out what the regulations in place are.

College Fantasy Basketball Betting Websites

There are more than 300 Division I college basketball teams; of which 68 make the NCAA tournament to compete for the national championship. When the season kicks off in the beginning of November each year, there are plenty of games that are played every week. Multiply those 300+ teams with all of the games that are played, and there are not just a lot of matchups, but many different combinations of players that can be formed when betting on fantasy sports that involve collegiate athletics. The type of website that you join will dictate the fantasy league rules.

Draft Style Fantasy College Basketball Websites

Just like any typical fantasy league takes place, the college basketball option is standard as well. The sites that regulate traditional fantasy leagues will piggyback off of the draft process and the season-long management of the teams by the fantasy owner. These are really rare to find but there are a few hardcore places out there that have these.

How Does It Work? - College basketball players are selected by fantasy owners in an order that is determined by the league. Those players that are selected are unique to that one team and managed by that fantasy owner for as long as they are a part of that team. Owners match their teams against others during the year, playing for a prize/cash at the end of the season.

How Much Can You Win? - Every league and site can be different. It also depends on whether leagues choose to go with packages that are paid for within the website, or if each team owner has a buy-in prior to the draft separate from the site.

Websites With Daily College Basketball Fantasy Games

Of all the daily fantasy sports options offered through websites, college basketball might be the most interesting of all. This is simply based on the amount of teams and players that come along with it. In the NBA for example, there are only 30 teams. There are 10 times that amount of Division I programs. In daily college basketball fantasy leagues, owners could conceivably have dozens of teams and not once have the same player, even though rules allow for it.

How Does It Work? - All players are open for selection, even if picked by another team. Players are assigned a dollar figure, with teams having to stay under a hypothetical salary cap. Fantasy owners assemble the best team possible within that cap to go up against other teams in tournaments for the day. After the games are over for the day, the results are finalized. Then, for the next day it's as if an entirely new fantasy season has begun; simply rinse and repeat.

How Much Can You Win? - There is no limit to the amont of money that can be won playing fantasy college basketball. The nature of a daily betting site means that players get to enter into tons of tournaments if they choose.

Wagering College Player Propositions At Online Sportsbooks

No teams are drafted and no tournaments are entered for player props at online sportsbooks. This is back to standard betting. Prop odds are formed for most Division I matchups in college basketball each day, which means that there can be hundreds of lines found at any one time throughout the season.

How Do They Work? - Users can review player prop odds in the college basketball section, which will be grouped by matchups. Players within that contest will have betting lines that accompany their stats like points for a given game. Most prop bets are made on the actual total by the player going above or below the betting line, with a payout right around even money.

How Much Can You Win? - Player props odds are not the most profitable betting line in terms of the margin. That being said though, they narrow wagers down to small outcomes, which simplify the performance of a player. The more bets made on props, the more that can be won. A higher wager will result in higher winnings as well, though the payout margin will always be the same. An example would be an even money payout. No matter how much is bet, the profit will always be even.

Other Aspects To Consider Before Signing Up With A Site

Playing for money means two things are taking place; a deposit and a payout. Aside from how to bet fantasy and the rules within the different leagues, these are the two most important parts of the entire website.

Funding Your College Fantasy Basketball Website Account

How To Make A Deposit - The deposit must be made from the account that has been created. There will be a page through which the facilitation of the deposit can take place. It's quick, and gets users to playing fantasy college basketball right away.

What Methods Can Be Used? - Among the options are credit cards and PayPal at the U.S-based sites. The credit cards accepted could vary depending on the site, buy PayPal is consistent.

Getting Paid From Your College Fantasy Basketball Site Account

What Are The Payout Choices? - Credit card deposits will likely come with a check payout through the mail. This takes a week or two to be received by the player. If depositing through PayPal, the funds can be credited back to the PayPal account almost instantly.

What Else Should I Need To Know About Payouts? - You should always know how often a website allows payouts to take place, what the minimum is to withdraw, what the maximum is, and if you have to pay any fees for anything.