Betting On Fantasy Hockey - Win Cash Playing Fantasy NHL Games Online

Betting lines for the NHL season are formed every year, that much we know. But within those chances to wager on teams and players, comes the opportunity to get in on something new to the wagering scene. It's called NHL fantasy hockey betting, and users that give this a shot have a real opportunity to make some big money.

Exactly how mony can be made through fantasy betting on the NHL + what websites offer this type of play will be found throughout this page. Get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions + find out how to get started right away.

Is It Legal To Win Money On Fantasy Sports Like Hockey?

Perhaps the most important thing to discuss is the difference between betting on the NHL, and playing NHL fantasy hockey for money. Legally speaking, there is a clear difference between the two. The law allows one to be conducted legally, while placing severe limitations on the other. Gambling real money on fantasy hockey is the side of the equation that allows users the chance to actually win money by following + track the sport and players they love to watch.

This covers all major federal laws that have a hand in limiting sports betting in the United States. Each is careful to introduce fantasy sports as an accepted and legal activity that can be participated in.

Who Can Play and Bet On NHL Fantasy Hockey?

There are some restrictions on who is allowed to play NHL fantasy hockey at websites that feature it. Specifically, the age limitation is the most relevant because it applies to all users. If it's a site where money can be laid down, then the age will be restricted to 18 years old. Money sites will have free leagues, but the account holder will need to meet the age requirement.

If you live in Arizona, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, or Louisiana, fantasy sites featuring the NHL and other sports will most likely not be available to you due to state laws that are in place. If you aren't living in those states, and you are 18 years of age or older, you are clear to select your NHL fantasy teams and put them up to the challenge.

NHL Fantasy Hockey Betting Websites

The websites that have betting on fantasy sports like NHL hockey today really make it fun for users to get in on the action and make some money in the process. And the neat part is that all type of ways to play fantasy hockey exist. Together it makes for a wide variety of teams that can be created, with the fantasy owners able to play for stakes that they choose.

Traditional NHL Fantasy Hockey Leagues

Not a moment of action is missed, as all stats throughout the year count toward winning and losing in this league. That's why it's important to draft as well as you can and manage teams throughout the season. This type of league might be best for the 'true fans' out there that know the NHL and can take advantage of that knowledge.

How Does It Work? - It covers the entire season (82 games) and awards fantasy owners points based on a variety of factors. Even penalty box minutes can count for something! Leagues draft players and manage them throughout the season, starting and sitting players as they see fit.

How Much Can You Win? - Some leagues just choose to operate their prize pool outside of a website and play for cash. At traditional league websites, the prizes that can be awarded to winners will depend on which site a league opts to go with.

Daily NHL Fantasy Hockey Betting Websites

If you really want to test you skills, daily hockey fantasy leagues in the NHL can be the thing to do. But throughout the season you don't have just one team to manage; you can have hundreds or thousands! Don't worry about having to keep up with it all season though, that is not the point of a daily league.

How Does It Work? - A daily league lasts for a complete day of NHL matchups and then ends. All of the point totals that add up on a fantasy team are calculated for the day, with the high score winning. Fantasy owners can be in a single league, or register many teams in tons of tournaments. After the day's matchups are over, it can be started again, or users can take a break and pick back up whenever.

How Much Can You Win? - Some users have won hundreds of thousands of dollars through daily sites. Because of the unlimited teams that can be created and leagues that can be entered, there is no ceiling on earning potential. If you keep putting together teams with high scores, you are going to win often, and you are going to win a lot.

Betting NHL Player Props At Online Hockey Gambling Sites

NHL prop bets steer away from fantasy hockey betting, but still relate to the individual player. Prop bets are able to be placed through online sportsbook accounts. It was stated at the onset that sports betting is limited and this how. NHL prop bets can be made at sportsbooks that are offshore, whereas fantasy sports bets can be made at U.S.-based sites.

How Do They Work? - Prop bets are actually quite easy to understand. You have a hockey matchup with players in the game. Those players have hypothetical stats for the game installed as betting lines at the sportsbook, and bettors wager on the actual performance that will take place. Most player props are for one game only, and then reformed for another matchup. In this aspect, it's similar to a daily fantasy site with every day a new season.

How Much Can You Win? - On a single prop bet, the most that can be won is the accompanying payout that will be next to the betting line. Most individual prop odds are right around even money for the most part. The more money that is risked always equates to the potential for winning more money.

Other Important Details To Consider Before Betting

With NHL games played daily during the season, that presents plenty of chances to form teams and try to win money. Depositing into an account is necessary, which will get you started and allow users to distribute the funds across the leagues that they enter. Any money won will be eligible for receiving a payout from the site. How is this done? Get answers below.

Funding Your NHL Fantasy Hockey Website Account

What To Do - On the site, users will be able to find the deposit options that can be used by league owners to fund their fantasy hockey accounts with real money.

Common Deposit Options At NHL Fantasy Sites - A wide range of credit cards can be found that are accepted. If credit card deposits are limited, then PayPal is a nice alternative. Most sites will have links to create a PayPal account if you need to as well.

Getting Paid Out From Your NHL Fantasy Hockey Site Account

What To Do - Read the payout process for the site you have an account with. Information on the withdrawal request, the methods that are available, and the limits (amount & number of payouts per time period) are discussed.

Common Payout Methods At NHL Fantasy Websites - Will be listed on site, likely in the same area as the deposit methods. Customer service can help with specific questions. Expect to see a check option through the mail, as well as PayPal as means of an electronic transfer.