College Fantasy Football Betting - Where To Do It, What To Expect

College football has never been more popular than it is today, with stadiums packed to the rim, television deals worth more than ever, and programs producing the most revenue they ever in the history of the school. Not to mention, has there ever been a sport most hotly debated over rankings? But tailgating, alumni events, and watching games on Saturdays aren't the only entertainment one can get from the sport.

College fantasy football has grown exponentially and expanded into many different types of leagues. But what many might be surprised to learn is that it can be highly profitable for users. Learn how those who want to play at fantasy sports websites can make money off of college fantasy football + what the process to play entails so that you can get on your way to experiencing it first-hand.

One of the big questions on the mind might be the issue of legality, with sports betting in the U.S. having a strict set of rules surrounding it. Get the answer below, along with many other topics covered.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting Money On College Fantasy Football?

There is a fundamental difference between wagering on fantasy sports and sports betting. That difference has been defined through legislation that deems fantasy sports betting as an act of skill. With a college football fantasy team, a user selects and manages a team(s) throughout the season where superior knowledge of matchups and the drafting of players take place. While one could make the case that the same dedication and research takes place when laying down a sports bet (and you'll get no argument here), the law says no.

At the end of the day, interested persons in betting college fantasy football for cash can absolutely do so. Whether it's a season-long league with cash and prizes, or a daily/weekly website where many teams can be constructed, it's perfectly legal.

Am I Allowed To Wager On College Football Fantasy Lineups?

While separate from sports betting, there is still money being placed on fantasy football. As such, there are age restrictions in place at the websites. The majority of sites will require account holders to be at least 18 years of age.

It's also important to understand state laws and how individual states perceive betting. There are some sites that will not accept residents from certain states if they feel that the laws on fantasy sports within that area are unclear. For example at, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana and Montana are not able to create account and play.

Side Info Just For Fun --- We know that athletes play fantasy sports too, just ask many college football players. But some sites restrict them from playing a league in which they are eligible or any one of their teammates is eligible.

Websites For Betting On Fantasy College Football

On the whole, college football fantasy takes a backseat to the NFL but it has picked up in recent years. There are several types of websites featuring the capability of creating and betting on fantasy teams for college football. Check out the three main site types below which answer basic questions about each of them.

Traditional College Fantasy Football Draft Leagues

A common theme most are familiar with in fantasy sports revolves around the traditional draft-based fantasy sports league. A website offering season-long leagues will have users create their own or join a league already set up. Fantasy owners will draft and manage their teams throughout the season, adding new players and dropping underperformers. Essentially it's the hypothetical role of a general manager. Leagues can vary in size and will be set prior to the draft before the season.

How Does It Work? - Once the league total is set, the commissioner (owner in charge of the league) will set up the draft to allow the other league owners to select their team. A draft will take place before the season where owners will set their lineup. Once a player is off the board, that player can no longer be selected. From there, teams will matchup head-to-head against other owners in the league competing for wins.

How Much Can You Win? - A traditional league does give users the chance to cash in on a winning team. This is done one of two ways though. It's either a pay league where a prize package can be purchased that those in the league compete for, or there can be a pot based outside of the website itself paid between the owners.

Websites With Weekly College Fantasy Football Tournaments

This takes the idea of a season-long college football fantasy league, and breaks it up into weekly tournaments. Essentially, each week is its own season where results are finalized and paid out after the completion of the matchups on the schedule for that time frame. College football fantasy owners can pick up on and off during the season, as one advantage is the fact that there is no obligation to play the entire season.

How Does It Work? - Each week prior to college football kicking off its new schedule, account holders at a fantasy betting websites have the chance to fill out a team and enter into weekly tournaments. Users can enter into one tournament, or they can enter into multiple tournaments. There are some that choose to do up to 50 or more per week!

How Much Can You Win? - You can probably guess that because multiple tournaments can be entered in a single week, the winnings can add up with a successful go around. Essentially, users have the chance to win thousands or more if they play in many tournaments. It all depends on how many are entered in a league along with the entry fees.

Wagering On Weekly Player Props For College Football Games

Bets are placed on players and how they perform in a given week through prop odds. But you will not come across prop betting odds at fantasy websites. In order to browse player prop betting odds and place a wager down, bettors will have to visit an online sportsbook. Many sports betting sites will have full college football player prop sections, outlined game-by-game. They are very organized and are generally formed in the days leading up to kickoff.

How Do They Work? - Bettors will find many prop lines formed for players in skill positions for a college football game. The odds will reflect the positions with the payouts listed next to the betting line. Player props can be wagered as a straight bet, or often times can be made into a parlay which links multiple wagers together for a single payout.

How Much Can You Win? - The majority of player prop odds payout right around even money for straight wagers. If bettors choose to do a parlay, then the profit margin increases depending on how many betting lines are in it. A single betting line will not profit any more than its payout though, as opposed to one fantasy team having the potential to earn more based on tournament entries at a weekly site.

What You Need To Know... Other Stuff That Matters

No matter what type of the three sites a user chooses to play, if it's for money then there will be a process as to how it's done. Certainly there can be differences at each specific site, but transactions by way of deposits and payouts will be the cornerstone to playing for money.

Funding Your College Fantasy Football Website Account

Any site operating in the United States will accept major forms of credit cards as well as PayPal. For anyone familiar with online sportsbook, this is a major difference because of the fact that PayPal is used as a way to deposit. They do not allow themselves to be a part of sports betting sites, but do allow use of fantasy betting sites. This also means that player prop websites will not have PayPal as an option, but will have credit cards.

Getting Money Out Of Fantasy Betting Accounts

If you've won money through betting on fantasy sports with daily/weekly or with those that feature player prop wagers, the time comes to get paid out and reap the benefits. For fantasy sites, this can be done through the PayPal account used to make a deposit. Instant withdrawals can be made from the account, meaning that fantasy players will get their winnings immediately. Though if no PayPal account was used, the option of a check through the mail to the address on the account is enacted. This takes about a week to 10 days to be received.

When it comes to prop betting sites, online sportsbooks have a similar process though with different methods. Depending on the site, checks can be mailed, or other options include a wire transfer money order, debit card payout, and more.